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The affection of love and sympathy for each other will be a focus for both of them to convene again and again. As we feel, when someone close person encourages you, this will bring a diverse result and we will experience more confident to do some work. At the same time, you do not have such person in your life; you feel your life as a miserable.

In this present scenario, professional astrologers will have to play a vital role.

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Since every other person wants to know about its future for love marriage, love life. This seems affluence of love in a society.

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Just fill the form below…. Love is a feeling which will not be described or not planned its automatic come from inner sense. We have seen some unusual love relationship in a society which is not acceptable but it happens when someone has an attraction and fall in love. As a reason, these people want to know about their future of such a love relationship with each other and its success or failure chance.

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As an astrologer, we can not force someone to change their thinking but we can show them the exact prediction of their love relationship or love marriage. As we do not know but love marriage prediction will not be easy when your horoscope house no five and house no nine having more than two or more than two planets. Your horoscope has the answer to this question that when you will fall in love.

Most of the times when you fall in love you have the feeling of attraction for someone. The symbolic planet of attraction is always considered Venus but sometimes this attraction is short-term feeling. This short-term attraction is generated by Rahu.

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You can see when the time of Venus is coming into your horoscope. In simple words when Venus is affected by Rahu you will fall in love but for short time. For an astrologer, If you are asking for accurate love marriage predictions for your relationship problem then you need to give them time to study proper horoscope, its horoscope planet based on that they can deliver you correct guidance, If you are looking for overview in free of cost prediction then they can able to guide you in a general way.

How will my married life be? Due to a lot of workload. We are unable to answer your questions. Give me a call between 5 to pm on , I will happy to assist you. You can also whatsapp me your queries on Here is a link for payment. This is yuvaraj from Tirupur, Tamilnadu, India , i love one girl in my relation itself but now a days we are fights each other and finally my love break up but still i love that girl..

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  • I am very troubled in life. I am in love with other religion boy. We are trying to convince in his home from 2 years. But now his mother has given final verdict that even if her son remains unmarried, c will not allow inter-religious marriage. Here my parents are searching boy for me and so far fortunately, they are not able to get success and I am also resisting every match. Sir we both want to marry eo only. Marriage depends on the disposition of the Venus, Rahu, Saturn and Moon in the male birht chart. It is needless to say that the conjunction of the above planets must be either in 5th, 7th Primary 10th, 11th or 1st houses Secondary , otherwise the prospective couples may have an opportunity to come together for a long time without any prospects of a successful marriage.

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    If the above conjunction falls in 6th, 8th or 12th houses, frustration due to one reason or another cannot be ruled out. Willingly or unwillingly, the lovers have to sacrifice their love life and have to seek unknown partners in marriage. A few combinations for successful love marriage are given below: 1.

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    • When Venus in male chart is in 12th house and Mars in same house in female chart. If there is a malefic planet in the 9th house.

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      For successful love marraige, a study of relative and mutual disposition of Mars, Venus and Rahu is essential as they cause sex perversions. Study of Saturn, a primary cause of misery, is also to be made. If Venus and Mars exchange their places in the charts of the couple, love marriage will be a great success. All Rights Reserved. AstroGuru Free Horoscopes. Analysis, Predictions. Privacy Policy. Our Consultants. Muthukumar B.

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      Venkatachalan D. Write now. Contact Info. Ultimate Solutions Coimbatore Email: sundaracm gmail. Combinations for Love marriage in Horoscope According to astrology love marriage is an arranged marriage by the boy and girl through their own choice overlooking the customs.