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When I arrived at the trail head, I found an older man in ragged clothes leaning against the fence. Nearby was a grocery cart full of what I assumed were all his earthly belongings. You are, after all, in the last few days of your recharging process. It's still a good idea for you to lie low and be extra calm and vegetate luxuriously.

But when should you rise up and leap into action again? Here's my guess: Get one more dose of intense stillness and silence. Some study the horoscopes for both their sun signs and rising signs, then create do-it-yourself blends of the two. Others prefer to wait until the week is over before consulting what I've written.

They don't want my oracles to influence their future behavior, but enjoy evaluating their recent past in light of my analysis. Then there are the folks who read all 12 of my horoscopes. They refuse to be hemmed in by just one forecast, and want to be free to explore multiple options. I encourage you to try experiments like these in the coming days. The moment is ripe to cultivate more of your own unique strategies for using and interpreting the information you absorb -- both from me and from everyone else you listen to.

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Are you spending extra time soaking in hot baths and swimming in bodies of water that rejuvenate you? Have you been opening your soul to raw truths that dissolve your fixations and to beauty that makes you cry and to love that moves you to sing? I hope you're reverently attending to these fluidic needs. I hope you're giving your deepest yearnings free play and your freshest emotions lots of room to unfold.

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Smart, well-lubricated intimacy is a luxurious necessity, my dear. Stay very, very wet. LEO July Aug. What can you do to ensure that happens? How might you generate a flood of new ideas about how to live your life and understand the nature of reality? Here are some suggestions: Read books about creativity. Hang around with original thinkers and sly provocateurs. Insert yourself into situations that will strip you of your boring certainties.

And take this vow: "I hereby unleash the primal power of my liberated imagination. During your adolescence, did you nurture a fantasy relationship with a pretend boyfriend or girlfriend? Since you reached adulthood, have you ever enjoyed consorting with muses or guardian angels or ancestral spirits?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are in a good position to take full advantage of the subtle opportunities and cryptic invitations that are coming your way. Unexpected sources are poised to provide unlikely inspirations in unprecedented ways. How are you doing in your quest to fulfill this potential? Here's what I suspect: Your seeds have been ripening slowly and surely.

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But in the coming months, they could ripen at a more rapid pace. Whether they actually do or not may depend on your willingness to take on more responsibilities — interesting responsibilities, to be sure — but bigger than you're used to. How should you celebrate? Maybe with some champagne and caviar?

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If you'd like to include bubbly in your revels, a good choice might be Belle Epoque Rose. Its floral aroma and crispy mouth-feel rouse a sense of jubilation as they synergize the flavors of blood orange, pomegranate, and strawberry.

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As for caviar: Consider the smooth, aromatic, and elegant roe of the albino beluga sturgeon from the unpolluted areas of the Caspian Sea near Iran. But before I finish this oracle, let me also add that a better way to honor your accomplishment might be to take the money you'd spend on champagne and caviar, and instead use it as seed money for your next big project.

This is one example of how fighting a problem can make the problem worse — especially if you attack too furiously or use the wrong weapons. I invite you to consider the possibility that this might be a useful metaphor for you to contemplate in the coming weeks. Your desire to solve a knotty dilemma or shed a bad influence is admirable.

Just make sure you choose a strategy that actually works. Experimentation will come naturally. The time is ripe, my dear homies, to free your home of deadweight. That was probably an important factor in his success. The rebranding made it easier for clients and customers to take him seriously. With Ralph's foresight as your inspiration, Scorpio, consider making a change in yourself that will enhance your ability to get what you want.

The award committee praised his "high spirit and artistic purity. Waterlilies and Souls of Violet were works he wrote while young and still ripening. As he aged, he grew so embarrassed by their sentimentality that he ultimately tried to track down and eradicate every copy. I bring this to your attention, Sagittarius, because I think it's a favorable time for you to purge or renounce or atone for anything from your past that you no longer want to be defined by. He was also a pioneer in mathematics, optics, and astronomy.

And yet he also expended huge amounts of time and energy on the fruitless attempt to employ alchemy to transform base metals into solid gold. Those efforts may have been interesting to him, but they yielded no lasting benefits. You Capricorns face a comparable split. In , you could bless us with extraordinary gifts or else you could get consumed in projects that aren't the most productive use of your energy.

The coming weeks may be crucial in determining which way you'll go. It could and should usher you into a more soulful way of living.

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I'm pleased to report that this transition won't require you to endure torment, confusion, or passive-aggressive manipulation. In fact, I suspect it could turn out to be among the most graceful ordeals you've ever experienced — and a prototype for the type of breakthrough that I hope will become standard in the months and years to come. Imagine being able to learn valuable lessons and make crucial transitions without the prod of woe and gloom.

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Imagine being able to say, as musician P. Harvey said about herself, "When I'm contented, I'm more open to receiving inspiration. I'm most creative when I feel safe and happy. It was a wellspring of inspiration for English writer J. Tolkien as he composed his epic fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings. To enhance his ability to steal ideas from The Kalevala, Tolkien even studied the Finnish language. He said it was like "entering a complete wine-cellar filled with bottles of an amazing wine of a kind and flavor never tasted before.

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