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Gosh, I still love it. Share this image on Pinterest. Share this article. Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest. See Comments. What do you think? Your Facebook name, profile photo and other personal information you make public on Facebook e. In traditional astrology, gambling is said to fall under the rulership of the 5th house in the chart the house naturally associated with Leo ; 2 and, to my mind, this has always concealed a deep esoteric truth.

For whether we talk about romance, creativity, conception, or childbirth, we are, in every case, witnessing something essentially spontaneous and unpredictable in nature. Conceiving or giving birth to a child, for instance, is one of life's greatest crapshoots, not only in terms of whether pregnancy will occur but also in terms of the kind of child one will bring into the world.

Correspondences like these open a window onto a deeper truth underlying both Leo and the 5th house, in that the spontaneity expressed in all these areas may be seen as reflecting the free-flowing qualities of Spirit itself, that innermost fount of consciousness where energy unfolds openly and intuitively, unfettered by logic and calculation.

In moments of play or creativity, we tap into this divine, creative source of being, something even reflected in our use of the term re-creation when describing ordinary pastimes. Gambling likewise stems from this same divine impulse, but for more distorted and self-aggrandizing reasons. So how does this principle of spontaneity or chance manifest when filtered through the opposite sign of Aquarius? For one, it gives rise to mass games of chance, not to mention technological and corporate-run forms of chance.

In stark contrast with the more traditional scene of a few individuals standing around throwing dice into the dirt, the emerging Great Age has already introduced bustling amphitheaters that accommodate thousands of individuals playing electronic slot machines side by side. Our earlier example of the jazz band might even be cited as an expression of the Aquarian approach to chance, since it is based on the concept of group improvisation, a creative form founded on one's response to the unpredictabilities of each moment.

Environments like Disneyland or Las Vegas also express a distinctively Aquarian approach to chance in their shared concern with controlling the unpredictable. At an amusement park like Disneyland, for example, engineers and planners take activities that traditionally involved huge elements of risk and bring them under tight supervision, to best provide one with all the thrills and vicarious enjoyments of chance-laden experiences - though without all the messy randomness and unpredictability. Ironic, is it not, how Disneyland and Las Vegas started out at opposite ends of the moral spectrum, only to eventually become indistinguishable from one another!

And, while childbirth has always been one of life's more unpredictable activities, scientists are learning how to reduce the element of chance here as well, with new advances in fertilization and genetic engineering. The striking film, Gattaca , features a scene that beautifully illustrates this dilemma: Set at an unspecified point in our future, a couple comes into a fertility clinic to consult with a corporate counselor on planning out the features of their next child.

The counselor persists, perplexed as to why anyone would even want to leave any part of the conception process to chance. In much the same way, the Aquarian society of our future may be one where, for better or worse, we attempt to control as many elements of randomness and unpredictability in our world as possible - in short, to harness chance. This same archetypal polarity may also underlie efforts by modern scientists to unlock the laws of chance in all their shapes and forms.

Entire disciplines have sprung up during this last century, attempting to uncover the hidden order beneath life's apparent randomness. These disciplines include statistical analysis, systems theory, Quantum Physics with its notions of "probability," the revolutionary new science of "Chaos complexity theory" and even the emerging field of synchronicity studies.

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Consider the science of Chaos, for example. Researchers contend that by carefully observing the complex behaviors of phenomena previously thought to be purely random say, the behavior of motorists on a freeway or gas molecules moving about a room , it is possible to discern the hidden laws that govern these patterns. In personal horoscopes, significant aspects involving the signs Leo and Aquarius sometimes indicate an effort to balance personal spontaneity with the restrictions of social convention. In their constructive form, of course, our collective behavioral codes serve to channel or even restrain the wilder expressions of our fiery impulses - the result being a little something we call civilization.

The story centers around a disillusioned senator who, having become a cog in the political machine, is forced, following an unlikely chain of circumstances, to break free of his socially-prescribed role and live life in a completely spontaneous manner, communicating now through improvised rap songs. Beatty himself a fire sign underscores this subtext with the pivotal line he assigns the recurring figure of the black street-person - a veritable clarion call to the slumbering fire principle in all of us: "You gotta be a spirit, you can't be no ghost!

Another metaphor that can be helpful in explaining the distinction between Leo and Aquarius derives from the field of medical astrology. Traditionally, Leo is associated with the heart, while Aquarius is often associated with the distribution of the blood through the body via the arteries. Viewed symbolically, this biological correspondence holds an important clue to the archetypal processes underlying these two signs.

Simply put, Leo is the principle of centralization, while Aquarius is the principle of decentralization.

This dynamic helps explain several of the areas we have been looking at thus far. For instance, when we say that Leo rules government by monarchy, we understand it is because monarchy centralizes the power of the nation into a single king or queen, who is analogously the "heart" of a country; by contrast, democracy decentralizes power to the furthermost "branches" of society, i. Whereas Leo is the principle of the One, Aquarius is therefore the principle of the Many. Or think of this visual analogy: Leo may be compared with pure white light, while Aquarius could be compared to the prismatic breaking up of light into multiple colors, into a spectrum.

Hence, while Leo is more monolithic in focus, Aquarius has a more kaleidoscopic agenda, with its greater emphasis on diversity. In light of such correspondences, it is not hard to understand why Aquarius is symbolically linked to systems, networks, and associations of all kinds. On the global scale, this could suggest that the next Great Age will be a time of complex alliances and networks of many different kinds, political, social, or technological - systems within systems within systems.

We can even see the multi-perspective qualities of Aquarius in such modern developments as postmodernism, with its splintering of traditional Truth into multiple truths and world views - but that's another article altogether. When unity-minded Leo is added to the Aquarian mix, we find a concern with creative networking in some way, or with unifying diverse elements into overarching networks.

Examples of this on the collective scale would be organizations like Jesse Jackson's "Rainbow Coalition" or the United Nations, where we see diverse peoples or races joined together in their common interests. On the level of personal horoscopes, this axis is often emphasized in the charts of thinkers or philosophers with a capacity for synthesizing diverse ideas and intellectual systems within unifying paradigms.

Examples of this would be Carl Jung July 26, , H. Blavatsky August 12, , and the founder of psychosynthesis, Roberto Assagioli February 27, , all of whom suggested new ways of synthesizing or reframing traditional ideas. A more recent example would be transpersonal psychologist Ken Wilber January 31, , whose horoscope features a prominent link between these two signs.

Over the last two decades, Wilber has been involved with synthesizing diverse systems into unifying frameworks of various types. Fittingly, perhaps, the title of his first published book was The Spectrum of Consciousness. I believe it's possible to uncover a still deeper level of meaning within this zodiacal polarity, by considering where it falls within the context of the yogic chakra system.

As I've discussed in previous articles and books, 3 many esotericists, both East and West, have proposed a close relationship between astrological symbols and the psycho-spiritual system of the chakras. According to this set of correspondences, Leo is associated with the point of the"third eye" Ajna chakra , while Aquarius relates to one side of the lowest"root" chakra Muladhara.

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Correspondences like these reveal new insights into the host of associations we've been examining throughout this discussion. With Leo, for instance, traditional associations like creativity, pleasure, spontaneity, or even centralization all take on added resonance as echoes of that spiritual center at the level of the forehead, commonly described as the seat of creative, visionary consciousness. On the other hand, the scientific detachment of Aquarius assumes new meaning when viewed in relation to the root Saturn chakra, the point of the chakric ladder farthest away from the third eye.

Like our scientists on the outside of the playground looking in, consciousness at this level is likewise"outside looking in" relative to the "playground" of pure being concentrated in the Ajna chakra. Remember,"upper" or "lower" in the chakric hierarchy does not mean "better" or "worse" in any absolute sense, since each chakric level has its own "spiritual" or "unspiritual" modes of expression. Also consider the closeness of this zodiacal axis to the central spinal column, regarded by yogis as the domain of sushumna, the pathway of kundalini energy.

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As this polarity expresses itself through the Aquarian end, we often find a hidden urge with this sign to take"higher" energies and apply them to everyday situations, as in the case of an inventor. In the same way that solar power technology "draws down" energy from the Sun for use in everyday life, so Aquarius may be said to "draw down" energy from the Ajna chakra into the realm of physical-plane concerns. Olympus to humanity. As we shift into the Aquarian Age, we see numerous ways in which"fire" is already being "drawn down from the mountain top" into daily affairs: politically, through democracy; monetarily, through a capitalistic system that shifts wealth from a ruling elite into the hands of ordinary entrepreneurs; technologically, through electricity, which makes the once awesome power of lightning available through small holes in the walls of our homes, or through atomic power, which literally reproduces the powers of the Sun for human use; in the workplace, through unionization; and intellectually, through the democratization of knowledge made possible through books, magazines, and the Internet.

In recent centuries, we've even seen renewed interest in the Prometheus myth itself, as with the writings of Percy Shelley Prometheus Unbound , or his wife's famed novel, Frankenstein originally subtitled The Modern Prometheus , which continues to captivate audiences with each new generation. Yet, as Mary Shelley's story of Dr.

You're the OG 'born free' star sign, and your home needs to reflect that feeling too. You're a sucker for tradition and comfort, preferring a conservative style and atmosphere over anything modern or themed. Think dark wood, low-key lighting and vintage furniture. Oh, and a picture wall of your most successful moments you know you want one of those! Garnet stones will help attract money and success while carnation and ivy floral displays suit your demeanour.

Pine and elm fragrances set the right mood for you to unwind. Loft or penthouse space is perfect for far-seeing, head-in-the-clouds Aquarius!

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You need a view and you need plenty of light and air, to suit your Air element personality. Stylish, modern and minimal is the order of the day for decor, if not even a bit clinical. You don't desire frills or fancy touches, just serviceable and quality furniture, with maybe something avant garde bike on a wall, anyone?

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If you could have bagged a spot in Little House on the Prairie you would have done, no doubt. Pisceans love old fashioned, vintage, romantic and pretty surroundings, and would gladly sweep back in time to another era for their personal space. You need things to have a personal meaning for you, rather than following the latest fashions or styles. Pisceans should always use their powerful intuition and imagination to imagine the perfect space, and then pursue making that a reality. Fish are your spirit animal, so look to pay homage to them. Lillies, poppies and willow are plants with benefits, while aquamarine is your lucky colour.

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