February aquarius horoscope by susan miller

With Saturn in this part of your chart, perhaps you would like to volunteer for a charity you believe in or work with a political candidate whose views match your own.

A Note from Susan Miller

Joining a group would likely yield the added bonus of allowing you to make the acquaintance of like-minded people. No matter what role this person will play in your life, he or she would be good for you. This theme may also apply to your romantic life. When it comes to love, this will be a quiet year. Still, there are certain dates coming up that you will likely enjoy very much. The Gemini full moon on December 13 would be the logical place to look for love. Alas, the full moon shows more hard work and less time to enjoy one another because Saturn will conjoin the Sun and oppose the moon.

Mercury is the natural ruler of your fifth house of true love, and Mercury will meet with happiness-planet Jupiter on October 11 in Libra.

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All Aquarians will do well, but those born on or within four days of January 27 will be given a double pleasure. You must leave the house to find your true love — taking a short trip would be ideal.

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There is more! Mars will tour Aquarius from November 8 to December 19, Mars will make you sexy, passionate, energetic, and vibrant — people will notice you, be drawn to you.

Next, you have a new moon in Aquarius on January 27, You may attract the wrong types at this time — someone with an ulterior motive or an agenda of their own, so proceed slowly. Jupiter, giver of happiness and good fortune, will be of great help to you once he moves to Libra.

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Jupiter will remain in Libra for 13 months, from September 9, , to October 10, Jupiter in Libra will engender love and will also strengthen your health and help you heal if necessary. June will be very special for you, for surely, it looks as though love and fun will be on your agenda.

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    Aquarius Horoscope for June June 1, June will be very special for you, for surely, it looks as though love and fun will be on your agenda. Latest Tweets. Yesterday reply.


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