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Adverse planets influencing the Moon sign Taurus may lay hurdles in your path, especially if you are a student or have been planning to conceive a child. You will also need to be careful, if you run a partnership business. Please follow the remedies given at the end of this prediction to tide over this phase with relative ease. Finance and profession — As per your Moon sign, Mercury is the Lord of your house of finances. And, from the beginning of the year itself, Mercury shall be in a conjunction with Rahu, an adverse planet.

Basis the overall planetary combinations, Ganesha advises you to take special care in financial and monetary matters during March 28, to April 12, and December 7, to December 26, Also, all through this time, you will have to be quite careful while taking any decisions. Just be careful to weigh your options and pros and cons of your decision, before you arrive at one. Health — Venus is quite important for your Moon sign — from the health's perspective. Overall, the year ahead shall not be unfavourable for you in terms of your health.

You do not look set to face any major health issues in the coming year, feels Ganehsa. However, on April 4, , May and June 15, , you will need to take special care of your well-being, safety and health. More of this shall depend on your personal horoscope, though. These two planets may pose hurdles in your path to love this year, feels Ganesha. The planetary influences do not bode too well for the educational and academic endeavours for the Moon sign Taurus in the coming year, feels Ganesha.

You may face troubles in concentrating and memorizing, if you are a student. The transiting Rahu North Node may take your mind towards many distractions and illusions. To help you tide over these issues, Ganesha advises you to worship Lord Shiva regularly. You should offer the Abhishek of Panchamrut a mix of 5 nectars to Shiva lingam and light an earthen lamp diya with clarified butter ghee.

However, there is another ray of hope — post July 25, , when Jupiter turns direct, you shall see a great change in your overall condition. Remedies: Keeping the planetary configurations of this year in mind, Ganesha advises you to worship in the following manner Chant "Om Namah Shivay" 2. You can do Puranatokata Abhishek 3. You can also chant Shiv Mahima Stotra. Doing Rudrasukta too shall benefit you. You can recite Astadhyay Rudra too.

The Lord of your Sign is Venus, therefore you should recite "Himkundmrinalabham daetyanam parabham gurum, Sarvashastrapravaktaram bhargavam pranmamyaham". Gemini implication - Those born with the Moon sign Gemini tend to be popular, especially among the opposite sex. These people also tend to get a good level of love and affection from their loved ones. General — Jupiter, the supreme benefic, is currently placed in its sign of exaltation i. Cancer, where it will remain till the mid year From July 14, onwards, Jupiter shall move Signs and move to Leo.

This will be one of the most significant planetary moves of the year ahead, besides Saturn's, which takes place on November 2, Currently, Saturn is in Libra, but from early November , it should move to Scorpio, where it will stay for the next two and half years. Jupiter, however, shall be quite supportive for you all through the year, helping you reap rewards and make gains. Academic endeavours too shall be duly favoured under Guru's influence.


The actual results of these transits may vary, and shall largely depend on your personal horoscope and the placement of planets therein. For your Moon Sign, however, Rahu's placement in the house of happiness and comforts may cause you confusions and illusions. In front of Rahu shall be Ketu, posited in your house of work and effort Karma Sthaan. Both these planets are in important Houses and they may cause you considerable trouble. Also, Saturn, currently posited in your house of employment, may also create struggles for you. Ganesha advises you to follow the remedies given at the end of this prediction to tide over these challenges.

Moon rules the House of Finances as per your Moon sign. Now, the most important quality of the planet is that it is a very fast moving body. It changes signs almost daily. Also, currently, the exalted Guru or Jupiter is passing through your house of finances, which is definitely a good news. This will continue till July You should do your best to extract maximum benefit of this useful time, says Ganesha. However, you will also need to consider the planetary positions as per your own Horoscope. People who are in a job are advised to keep moving ahead steadily, specifically after November , once Saturn changes signs.

They will find planetary support to some degree. Thus, these two planets shall be very crucial for you in the year ahead. And, the good news is that in the year ahead, for the most part, these two planets shall be in your favour. Your overall health, thus, shall remain quite decent. You may also remain somewhat mentally stressed during this time, and you may enter into conflicts with higher authorities or your father, at this time. Venus and Jupiter, both the planets are considered to be quite helpful and fortunate in the matters of love and marriage.

Also, as per your Moon sign, Jupiter is the Lord of the house of married life. Thus, you have good news for this aspect of your life, says Ganesha.

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If you are looking for a suitable match, start worshipping Jupiter by chanting Guru Mantra regularly, as this will helping you make the most of this time — as at this time Jupiter is exalted in Cancer. By doing so, you can hope to get wish fulfillment. This planet shall also be in good position, with respect to your sign, in the year ahead. Thus, you also have good news for the matters of heart.

The year ahead also looks set to be quite favourable for the matters related to academics and educational endeavours for your Moon Sign. The exalted Jupiter shall support your efforts in these areas, helping you tide over challenges, if any. However, people pursuing their Masters degree or higher education may have to face some struggle, as Rahu's adverse planetary influence may make matters difficult for them.

Please worship Lord Shiva and follow the given remedies to get rid of challenges and roadblocks. Remedies Considering all the planetary positions, Ganesha recommends you to follow these remedial measures for a better life in Since Mercury is the lord of your sign, you may also chant the mantra give here to boost your luck.

Implication - Those born under the Moon Sign Cancer are art lovers, honest, popular and eminent people. Most of them are well respected in the society.

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Also, the Cancer natives possess sound knowledge about higher subjects like Vedas. They love floral fragrances and water. This is, quite obviously, an excellent time for you, and you should take advantage of this as much as you can. Jupiter shall remain in your Sign till 13th July , post which it will move to the next Zodiac Sign — Leo - on 14th July However, at the beginning of the year on 24th October , the warlord of demons, Rahu too shall be in its friendly Sign. The much feared Saturn shall also be in its Sign of exaltation — Libra - at this time.

However, Saturn will change its Sign on 2nd November , and will thence be transiting through Scorpio for the next two and half years. At this time, you can expect Mercury and Venus to give you good results, helping you communicate and connect well. However, the actual results may vary, depending largely upon your Personal Horoscope. Till the time Jupiter is transiting through your Sign, you may expect success and progress in a plenty of tasks and projects.

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Also, when Jupiter moves to Leo, it shall be posited in your House of Wealth. Thus, this again shall be a favourable time for you. Nonetheless, if you are a student, are in a profession related to the education sector or are planning a major academic project — do be ready make extra efforts — as Saturn is soon going to enter your House of Studies.

Ganesha, however, advises you to offer water as a form of reverence to Lord Sun everyday. This regular form of spiritual practice shall help you to a great extent. For doing this, use a Kalash a small pitcher like utensil made of Brass, add some grains of rice and some vermilion Kumkum to the water, and offer this sanctified water to Sun. The year ahead and stars bode well for you on the health front, says Ganesha.

There may not be any major health problems. Nonetheless, Ganesha reminds you that you should not take everything to your heart or get very emotional about it. Since you are a very sensitive person, anything that goes against your perception or heart's desire tends to hurt you. Relax and be more flexible, this will also help you take care of your health and well-being.

Also, do take care to lead a balanced life and have nourishing food to ensure your immune system is strong enough to take the heat of seasonal illnesses. In love and marriage too, Ganesha doesn't see much hurdles in your way in the year ahead. The placement Venus with Mars and Saturn will give you great results.

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People whose marriage talks are already in process can expect a good time. Thanks to Jupiter's influence, obstacles from their path shall vanish, and they may get positive results. If you desire to move ahead in a love relationship and plan to commit, Ganesha advises you to go slow and carefully, during November 20, to December 15, , as at this time Sun and Saturn shall be in a conjunction. You may end up mistaking wrong for the right under the influence of this planetary picture, cautions Ganesha. Saturn's influence may make the road to education difficult for you in the year ahead.

Nonetheless, after making you struggle aplenty, Saturn may help you forge ahead on this path, specifically post November To curtail the challenges and delays in your quest for knowledge and education, Ganesha advises you to worship Lord Hanuman. You should also regularly chant Shree Hanuman Chalisa, as this will help you vastly. Apart from this, chanting Ganesha's 'Sankatnashan Stotra' path shall also help you.

Consecrate Shiva Linga Idol with pure water, light a clay lamp diya and incense sticks, and chant "Om Namah Shivay" mantra times everyday. Recite the Bhaagyasutka. Recite Shree Suttka everyday to please Goddess Lakshmi and for monetary gains. Since the Lord of your Sign is Moon, you may receive great benefits of the mantra given here. Chant this mantra regularly.

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Implication - Those born under the Moon sign Leo tend to be wanders. Authoritative and aggressive, they also tend to pick fights. Most Leos have a pale complexion and, more often than not, suffer from throat and stomach related problems. General : At the beginning of Vikram Samvat , on 24th October , the benefic Jupiter shall be posited in its Sign of exaltation — Cancer.

Nonetheless, Jupiter's movement is always significant. Thanks to this planetary transit, you can expect to get good results in the year ahead, especially once Jupiter moves to your Moon Sign Leo. People waiting to get married should expect a happy time. However, Ganesha advises you to be careful in the matters related to wealth, property, family and inheritance. Mercury rules the House of Finances for your Moon Sign.

At the beginning of this year, Mercury shall be in its own sign, which is a good thing. Nonetheless, Ganesha advises you to be pretty careful on the monetary and financial front. He says this because Rahu shall be transiting through your House of Wealth for a major part of the year, which may decrease the inflow of money, while increasing the expenses. Overall, the balance between income and expenses may get disturbed. You may also remain stressed over a salary package that refuses to increase.

Consult a good Astrologer, if you happen to face any such trouble, as your Personal stars will play a major role in helping you tide over these difficulties. Overall, Ganesha doesn't see you facing any major trouble on account of health in this year, and you have to thank Jupiter too for that.

Yet, Ganesha does indicate a few time frames, when you will have to be very careful on accounts of health and well-being - March 20, to September 13, and during November 17, to December 16, , the Sun's power may diminish somewhat, vis-a-vis your sign. Once Jupiter moves signs and positions itself in your Moon Sign in July , you can expect to get a major boost in the matters of love and relationships. However, before that too things may not be exactly bad for you.

Just that they will get relatively even better from mid year onwards. Your married life shall be full of great chemistry and mutual affection. Also, people who are unmarried shall get favourable opportunities, which will help them move ahead onto the path of love and personal fulfillment. On the fronts of education and career, you may get mixed results, feels Ganesha. Here too, the results shall start getting better post July , when Jupiter comes to your full support. However, from November , Satuern shall start transiting through your 4th House, and thus, you are required to be careful on this account.

There may be struggle and slow momentum, and you should worship Jupiter to tide over the difficulties. Also, people who are pursuing their Masters degree or higher education may have to face trouble. Considering all the planetary positions, Ganesha advises you to follow the remedial measures: 1. Worship Lord Shiva and chant Mahamritunjay mantra times. Mix milk, water and a pinch of black sesame seeds in a copper urn lota and offer it to Lord Shiva on every Monday. Also, chant "Om Namah Shivay". Performing Homatmak Laghu Rudra Yagna may also prove to be beneficial.

Establish Shree Yantra in the temple at your home to get financial gains. Light incense sticks of rose and jasmine. Therefore, you should chant the mantra the mentioned here. Implication - Ones born under the Moon Sign Virgo are humorous, gentle, often fortunate and pleasure-loving. They possess a pure heart, and tend to be known for their noble deeds.

They also have a knack to impress the opposite sex. The Virgo born have more number of daughters, say the scriptures. At the beginning of the new year, you can expect Mercury and Venus to give you good results. However, the actual results may vary, as they shall depend on your Personal Horoscope. However, Ganesha feels that the year may remain difficult and challenging on many accounts for your Moon Sign. You will need to tread ahead carefully, maintaining careful balance in all you attempt, as you may have to pass through many delicate situations requiring careful detail and attention.

Resultantly, you may remain mentally and physically stressed and strained. You should worship Lord Shiva to get rid of troubles, advises Ganesha. And, if we look at the fifth House from your Sign, its Lord is Saturn.


Now, if somehow both these planets are energised, you can expect to have a great time ahead monetarily and financially. Thus, Ganesha advises you to institute a Shree Yantra at the place of worship in your home and office and worship it regularly by chanting Lakshmi Mantra. You may also wear an iron ring on your right hand's middle finger.

In case, you don't seem to benefit much from the afore-said remedies, Ganesha advises you to consider wearing a blue sapphire, but only after consulting an Astrologer. If you are in a partnership business, this year you will need to be very careful.

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