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If there are characteristics of our Lunar sign, with which we are overidentified it is where we feel that we react differently to who we are in essence. For example if I am from Aries sign that it is naturally leading and more aggressive and I have the moon in Pisces that is more sensitive and peaceful, is where we can clearly see a point that is in conflict.

To give another example, a child with a Moon-Saturn or Moon aspect in Capricorn often has a mother with one or more of the following characteristics: older, anxious, depressed, overwhelmed by responsibilities, strongly career-oriented Professional. If the mother constantly fears for financial security and difficult experiences, the child may come to see the world as insecure and act accordingly.

Therefore for a person with this Moon, it is essential, to work on their self-esteem and to find recognition by authority figures and especially female figures. It is difficult to summarize in a paragraph or two all that the Moon represents but one way to approach it is the relationship that The Moon has in Natal Chart with Emotional Intelligence.

The importance of Emotional Intelligence is about knowing how to control emotions for our own well-being. That is why the Moon in our birth chart is where the information we need to know is, to develop such Emotional Intelligence, which is the plus that will really allow us to live a life with greater confidence and security. We can have on the moon in any of the other 11 signs and even in the same sign.

Our Lunar sign, gives us emotional tools, is what does not give the strength to face and transcend, any kind of difficulty. It may seem that knowing yourself is a very simple task and that we have it completely overcome. The Ascendant: It shows us the way we interact with the world, it is what happens to us, what we name destiny.

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The sign of the Ascendant speaks of a quality that is our own, but that we do not always recognize and will learn it through the experiences we go through in life. Recognizing and incorporating the purpose of the Ascendant will be fundamental to the expression and development of a fuller life. Imagine life as a great scenario where the ascendant attracts situations or people related to that energy; so we can face them and recognize them as their own. The less we are connected to our ascendant, those scenes will seem stranger to us, presented in an imposed way or from the conflict.

These situations or people are the ones that make us mirror to be able to see this part that we do not recognize as our own. Knowing what your ascendant is will allow you to get out of those situations to consciously give a channel of expression to those energies and integrate them into your life. If we take as an example a person with the Moon in Cancer and the ascendant in Pisces two compatible signs.

The Moon in Cancer often has a strong tendency to dependence on the family, creates symbiotic environments and settles into the role of the child. If we add to this Pisces as Ascendant, which adds a sense of empathy and great sensitivity that leads the person to overflow easily, and to evade reality, for compensation, it usually attracts people who solve things especially the signs of tier a: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn to take responsibilities that the person cannot.

In this case, however much the Lunar sign and the Ascendant are compatible, we see how it necessarily has to be done a more contential job of how to integrate these two energies constructively.

Which sign am I most compatible with?

When the Ascendant and the Sun sign of the person are in disharmony, there is a point of conflict between the image that we project and that we must integrate and what we really are in essence that leads the person to feel that he is an inconstraining and underestimated. To a person of Leo who are naturally histrionic and spontaneous, who longs to shine, will clearly have a difficulty to do so with a structured and bleak ascendant in Capricorn, where part of what he has to solve is the search for recognition in the father figure, so that for that spontaneous and center energy that of course Leo has, is expressed.

It will lead him to have to break with family and social mandates in order to recognize himself. In this way to be able to resolve the point of conflict and generate the integration of that Sun in Leo and Ascending in Capricorn. I hope that with the examples I developed throughout the note, I will give you an idea of why, in a general review, it is practically impossible that it could go down all the complexity that each person has.

As a final idea I would like to say that when we usually talk about achieving a balanced life it is said that we should worry about our body, mind and spirit, but these concepts because they are so general do not give us a certain answer about that or as we have to work, at this point is where astrology as a tool of personal development and its more than 3, years of history offers us a personalized and concrete approach to what and how to work to find a life in greater harmony.

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El hombre de Piscis 15 marzo, 0. El Hombre de Acuario 15 marzo, 0. El Hombre de Capricornio 15 marzo, 0. Taller: Mi Luna, Mi intelegencia Emocional 7 agosto, 0. Venus en Sagitario desde el 30 de Diciembre hasta el 24 de Enero del Conoce el mensaje que nos traen los eclipses con tu Calendario Lunar Debemos trabajar la tolerancia sobre todo durante el mes de Junio Para comprar tu Calendario Lunar haz click www.

Full Moon in Cancer - Christmas - December 25th Tune in your emotions with the Moon during the holidays! This is the time to create our views and plant our goals related to the positive energy of Sagittarius:. With the Sun and Moon together in the enthusiastic sign of Sagittarius we are presented with the opportunity to celebrate happiness and recognise all that we learned during Mars is in Libra and harmonises with the New Moon promoting collaboration to meet our needs. Mars is opposing Uranus …there is a tension energy that requires balance between the need to look for help to get what we want and the real truth that we are looking for… we need to work with generosity and cooperation in stressful moments to achieve what we want.

Uranus in Aries supports the energy of the Luminaries and because it is in retrograde motion stimulates us to want to rebel more than usual Jupiter is the planet ruling the sign of Sagittarius and therefore the ruler of the New Moon in Sagittarius. Jupiter is in its journey through the sign of Virgo and is in challenge with the luminaries Sun and Moon , indicating the importance of not exceeding limits and spoiling ourselves too much with something that makes us feel nice….

Moon in Pisces challenges the Sun in Sagittarius. Walking near water stimulates our intuition to connect with our emotions and make clear decisions flowing within us. The Summer Solstice in the south of our planet and Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere occurs on December 22, at pm when the sun begins its journey through the sign of Capricorn. Full Moon 4 degrees of Cancer on December 25, - p. LOVE should be unconditional. We need to nurture our emotions doing something we like to do and Accept the beauty that we each have and which makes us different from others is what will bring us together as a family enjoying the people we love.

Merry Christmas and Thank you for your support! Happy New Year !!! The best way to start is organised — Moon in Virgo.

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The Moon influences our emotions! Includes stickers to connect with your emotions — Personalise your calendar and be aware of your best days to do your favourite things and watch out for those days that bring lessons. Be Inspired with 13 original paintings of the moon through the zodiac painted by me.

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Cecilia Lugo-Anderson. Luna Cuarto Creciente en Piscis — 19 Diciembre Luna Cuarto Menguante en Libra — 2 de Enero Marte se opone a Urano Cuando sintamos la necesidad de rebelarnos, debemos hacerlo por una causa justa.. Esperanza y Paciencia. Decisiones relacionadas con el peso que le damos a nuestras creencias para mantener la paz. El Solsticio de Verano en el hemisferio sur de nuestro planeta y Solsticio de Invierno en el Norte, ocurre el 22 de Diciembre a las pm cuando el Sol comienza su viaje por el signo de Capricornio.

Es importante nutrir nuestras emociones y dar amor sin esperar nada a cambio- Amor Incondicional. Nota: Urano Directo — 25 de Diciembre El planeta que se asocia con la autenticidad nos recuerda en ser sinceros con nosotros mismos y no seguir sentimientos de responsabilidad al reunirnos con nuestra familia. Feliz Navidad.

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Comienza el cierre de ciclo con la Luna en Libra y el Sol en Capricornio. La Luna influye en nuestras emociones!